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April 2, 2017

April is here and it’s unbelievable how quickly this year is going for us! Do you feel the same way? It’s a good thing for several reasons, but it also makes me anxious. Here’s why… a. I’m a teacher so this means summer vacation is just around the corner (yay!) b. we’re in the middle of renovating our new house and our apartment lease ends by the end of May. That’s next month! Anxiety feels all over right? Lately I’ve felt like our weekends have been taken over by running errands all over the city to find all sorts of things for the house. Also by actually working on the house. So to be completely honest, when we have any sort of free time, we’re like … so what do we do now? We’ve always enjoyed spending time together at home watching movies, cooking pasta and listening to records. My husband is a huge fan of collecting records and does an amazing job at being a DJ. You know what else he’s good at? Making cocktails! Any time we have friends over, guess who’s playing bartender… Mr. Rojas. Anyway, with that being said, I’ve been playing around with the idea of sharing a cocktail recipe and some records we’ve been listening to. Obviously with the help of my husband, this blog post became possible! I really hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed putting it together. If we were asked what our hobbies are, this would definitely be on the top list. Listening to records and enjoying a drink together at home.

Lately the records that have been getting the most attention have been Band on the Run by Paul McCartney, Freetown Sound by Blood Orange and STN MTN / Kauai by Childish Gambino. Quite the mix right? But somehow they all sound great on a Friday night with a fruity cocktail in hand. Also in the midst of spring season.

The main character (or record) in this photoshoot had to be Band on the Run, though. It’s the newest addition to the collection, so naturally this was the appropriate choice.

For the cocktail, we made a fruity mojito. Berries were on sale at the store and we still had not used a cherry flavored rum we brought back from our trip to St. Thomas last year, so duh. Making the cocktail was super easy -even I could have done it! But why do that when the hubby is around right? (I’ll include details of the recipe at the bottom of this post)


Berry Mojito Cocktail



2 oz Cherry flavored rum (regular white rum works too)

2 oz club soda

Juice of 1/2 lime + 1 wedge for garnish

2-3 berries (we used raspberries + blackberries)

1 oz simple syrup

5-7 mint leaves (2 for garnish)



1. In a shaker muddle lime juice, mint leaves, berries and simple syrup.

2. add rum and ice and shake for 15 sec.

3. pour contents into a glass and top with club soda.

4. stir and add garnish

Again, we really hope you enjoyed this super easy berry mojito recipe, along with suggestions for records to listen to.





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