Romantic Stripes

March 15, 2017

Hello world! I have gone through what feels like a roller coaster ride with these images. I put together this outfit for a romantic Valentine’s day look and… well Valentine’s day happened a month ago. Blogging takes time is all I am going to say. Also, it doesn’t help when all of your edited pictures are perfectly organized in an external drive and the thing crashes the day you decide to upload the pictures. So fast forward to now, I gave up on the external drive and reorganized my images (thankfully they were still on my SD card) and here we are!

Moving on… I’m going to advise that this outfit is perfect for a night out. It is simple and when you let that (almost) off the shoulder top fall off one shoulder, you create an effortlessly romantic look. If going for less romantic, more business casual, throw on a blazer and you can wear it to work as well (I sure did!) Also, you may be happy to know that I’m taking a (brief) break from the suede and leather jackets.

I also fell in love with the bell sleeves. They instantly make the top a little more interesting.

Zara pants (similar) | Zara shirt (similar here, here, and here!) | Kate Spade heels | Gucci purse | Icing earrings (old)

I realize a few of these images are relatively dark (sorry) but the lighting was playing all sorts of tricks that day. With that being said, thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed reading and click on the links I have above to find some of the things I wore for this outfit!



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