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January 12, 2017

I have the song “30 hours” stuck in my head btw.

No but really, I love wearing skirts. Specially during the winter time because I get to wear them with cute tights and booties! In this case, I decided to pair this patterned Jcrew skirt with my new favorite flats. They are so dang comfy! I love mixing styles and in this case, I have a preppy look going on with the skirt and turtle neck but I made it a tad bit edgy with the leather jacket and shiny leather flats.

I’m a fan of minimal accessories. I put on this simple watch and was ready to go.

I’d like to add a tip when wearing tights and flats… when pairing the two, make sure you wear similar color tights and shoes. For example, use black tights with black flats (don’t go for a white flat). Obviously it’s a case by case, but I like to stay safe with similar (dark) colors.

OUTFIT DETS (click for direct links): Jcrew skirt (similar style) | Turtle neck chunky sweater | Leather Jacket |

Ballet flats | Kate Spade watch | French Connection bag

This weekend my husband and I stayed in and it was THE BEST. This holiday season was a bit much and even though we spent some days resting, we spent a lot of days out and about. I can’t say I miss the holidays too much at this point… it was definitely a sweet time decorating the apartment for Christmas, toasting to the new year and gathering around for endless hours with family and friends but I’m definitely glad to be back to a normal schedule. My husband and I are ready for the months ahead, which I’m sure will bring a lot of excitement and stress (more on that in later posts). How do you feel about the new year and the months ahead?

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