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November 29, 2017

The other day I stopped by Target for a few toiletries I needed and somehow ended up walking out with this cardigan and pink handbag (along with other unnecessary things). Does this sound familiar? All too familiar, perhaps. It happens to all of us, right? Anyway, when I bought the two I meant to wear the cardigan and bag separately, but something told me to pair them together, and I’m so glad I did. I love mixing casual with dressy. In this case I wore my go-to casual sneakers that pair perfectly with almost any outfit. I love how the grey works as a neutral.

The same goes with this cardigan. Oh my goodness it is the comfiest thing in my closet! I’m currently in a love-hate relationship with the weather in Texas. It’s too warm for a nice, big coat, but also not hot enough to go out without a light sweater. Unless, of course, you’re like 95% of the population here and are fine with wearing shorts and a t-shirt when it’s 60 degrees out. Not me. I need a nice sweater and sometimes that won’t due! This sweater is perfect for those days, which we have way more frequently during the winter.

More on this gorgeous bag.. it’s from the Who What Wear collection at Target. Have you checked out their stuff? It’ll have you thinking you’re at the mall and not Target. Who would have thought you could buy your groceries and some really cute clothes at the same store? I’m talking really cute, quality items.

The cardigan is from A New Day, another brand that recently started showing up at my Target location. Ya’ll, their stuff is gorgeous. I remember when I started working at my very first (and current) “grown up” job and would run to Target after work looking for something.. anything to spice up my work wardrobe without breaking the bank! Let’s just say there were more days I left empty handed. I really wish this would have been around, because they have the cutest work pants, simple blouses, dresses and of course, plenty of casual items. Seriously perfect! Target, I was giving up on you, but you have me hooked again!

A New Day Cardigan | H&M Blouse (old) similar here | Jcrew leggings (old) similar here | MK Sneakers | Who What Wear Handbag

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